Happy Solstice! And so this is Christmas...

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And so this is Christmas...

What a strange year it has been! So why not end it with a strange Holiday season as well? Normally by this time of year I’m exhausted from all the artisan shows and the festivals that start in September and go straight through until Christmas. Having not participating in any craft fairs or festivals this year it just all feels a bit surreal. Like the Holidays never started at all. 

The only online Festival I participated in was the Toronto Witchfest. It was a month long festival that happened exclusively on Zoom. It included some of the most talented people I know. Everything from Artisan jewelry, clothing, tarot reading, artwork, and classes on everything to do with witchcraft and paganism. It was a bright spot in an other dreary Holiday Season. 

I was able to get together with a few (and I mean very few) close friends around the Solstice. They were friends within my small circle. We had a few drinks and went to light a small bonfire in the woods to honour the Gods. It was nice to get out! 

Even though we didn’t have any big plans this year, I thought it would be fun to make some kitschy outfits for the Hubby and I. I had this large price of National Lampoon Christmas fabric lingering in my stash and decided this was the year to use it. 

I made a classic pin up dress in it and trimmed it with Ric Rack. I also made a matching vest for my Hubby and finished it with red buttons and lining. I used the Lamour Dress pattern for the bodice of my dress and the skirt is a full circle. I hacked the pattern a little bit by removing the straps from the seam and adding buttons. Hopefully we will wear them again because they were a lot of work! 

PS.. look at these trouble makers running around photo bombing us! 


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