My Top Ten Looks of 2020- A Look Back on 2020 Outfits

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What a year 2020 has been! I spent the first half of the year locked in my basement making masks and my only trips out of the house were to the Grocery store or to the Post Office. I started to miss dressing up to go out, so I just started to wear a nice outfit even to the corner store!

At least I finally took the time to snap some pictures of my outfits. 2020 was at least good for slowing down and not taking the small things for granted. Enjoy every moment that you can.

So I’ve made a Top Ten Looks list of 2020!

10- I definitely had a thing for plaids this year. I made this skirt from a twill plaid I’ve had in my stash for a few years. It goes really well with this red knit jacket. 

9- This dress is a refashion. The dress originally just had white cuffs and collar. I added the placket, buttons and lace. I think it looks a bit like a Stepford Wives dress now.


8- This cute little pumpkin dress is perfect for Halloween. The dress is from Unique Vintage and the sweater is from Amazon. 

7- A red plaid skirt with a cute bell sleeve sweater. The cape is made from a fleece that feels like wool and is trimmed with faux leather. I really wore a lot of capes as well as plaid this year.

6- Beetlejuice skirt from Unique Vintage and a top I made from a striped cotton knit. The cardigan sweater is from Banned. 

5- The Queen’s Gambit Jumper Dress that I made from a Linen Silk material. I accessorized it with a vintage cape and hat. The purse is from Sourpuss.  

4- Purple Hellbunny Coat and sweater from Modcloth. The beret is from Amazon and I made the circle skirt with pockets. Purse is from Sourpuss. 

3- Red Hellbunny Coat with a plaid skirt. The sweater and brooch are vintage. Purse is from Sourpuss. 

2- Christmas Kitsch Outfits for Christmas! I made this dress from a Gertie pattern and the matching vest for my Husband. The print is from Christmas Vacation. 

1- Moon Phase Hellbunny Coat with a black rhinestone beret. The brooch is vintage. The sweater is from Modcloth and I made the skirt from a curtain panel. 

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